"Art is a kind of illness." — Giacomo Puccini

Susan Boyle


Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle’s amazing debut on Britain’s Got Talent

Once in a while someone comes along who challenges everything we believe about each other. In doing so, they challenge what we believe about ourselves. This performance by Susan Boyle, a never-married, middle-aged woman who sings at church and lives alone with her cat in Scotland, cuts through all our mental clutter. Everyone I know who has seen this—and it seems EVERYBODY has by now—has been deeply touched by her performance.

Authenticity is in such short supply in our world today. This performance reminds us all of the simple truth that beauty always comes first from inside. In a media-saturated world, particularly the reality TV genre, we are used to seeing mediocre talent performing simply for the sake of becoming famous. Fame, as an end in-and-of-itself, is such a shallow pursuit. We’ve seen so many of our young, “beautiful” stars fall, tragically, unable to handle the spotlight when it revealed the inner weakness their outer beauty disguised.

Susan Boyle turns it all inside out by coming out on stage in the most unassuming way. We are prepared to laugh her off, kick her into the comic side-show category along with other has-beens who never should have made the show. Then, unexpectedly, she begins to sing, pitch-perfect, immediately evoking an emotional response from all who hear.

Anyway, my enthusiasm is sincere. Like so many millions of others, I was moved to tears hearing her angelic singing and watching her amazing performance. It’s rare to see a real talent that has been overlooked, likely pushed aside, take its place in front of us and touch our souls. Here’s to you, Susan Boyle! I wish you ever success in your new music career. Thank you for revealing to the world the unparalleled beauty of simple authenticity.

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