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Snow Leopard


Snow LeopardI spent the past few days upgrading my Mac operating system to the latest release 10.6, dubbed “Snow Leopard”. It was the easiest OS upgrade ever, featuring mainly under-the-hood improvements that speed up processes taking advantage of the advanced hardware used by Apple computers. The speed difference is noticeable. At $29 it seems like money well-spent.

The only hitch came when I tried to copy files stored on my Time Capsule. My Time Capsule backup files are fine, but I had other valuable files on the same disk that did not exist elsewhere. When I tried to copy several gigabytes of files to my computer, the procedure failed repeatedly. So I ended up going out to purchase new external drives for secure storage of my most valuable files: my portfolio. I will now keep those valuable files on one drive with a separate backup. I’m still slowly copying those files over, which I will complete over the next few days. I definitely gained a better understanding of how these things need to be set up to be (mostly) fail-proof.

All-in-all, I am very pleased with the new system. It runs quickly and improves on the previous system, which was already the best operating system ever. Owning a Mac definitely costs more, but I still believe I get a good value for the dollars spent. Snow Leopard adds further value.

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