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San Diego Beach Day


Torrey Pines State BeachThis past week in San Diego, I got the chance to spend a day at the beach. I used to do this a lot when I was a teenager, after my family moved from Kansas City to San Diego. However, the past 10 years have been very busy, productive years. The ways of my past have been forced to take a back seat to the ambitions of the present and hopes for the future.

Living in San Francisco, warm weather is in short supply. We have spectacular beaches that are usually too cold for fun-in-the-sun. Even when the air is warm, the water remains very cold.

When I go home to San Diego, it is mostly to visit family and catch up with friends. So this time I decided to just take a day out for me. I always enjoyed going to Torrey Pines State Beach when I lived in San Diego. The steep cliffs create a sense of distance and seclusion from civilization. Once again, I was not disappointed. The weather was spectacular. It was not too crowded, and the ocean water was a refreshing 74 degrees, making for good swimming.

  • Laura@StorytellinMama on

    Glad you had a day to yourself… I miss those San Diego beaches! Your site looks terrific! Love it!


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