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Greg and Dale are getting married!


I got the chance this past week to work on a quick site for my friends Greg and Dale, who are going to be getting married in San Francisco in April. I get to be Dale’s Best Man. It’s my first time being the Best Man, and I’m very excited. If you have ideas for the bachelor party, send them my way…

  • Rob on

    Looking at it on my iPhone and finding the overall experience to be smooth. I am really liking the banners you used for the different sections. Another job we’ll done Kenny. Congrats to Greg and Dale!

    • Kenny on

      Wow, thanks Rob!

  • Annette on

    Looks great Kenny!!! I agree with Rob, I like the banners that separate the sections and the photo layout. Great job.
    Who better to be the ‘best man” then you.

    Congrats to Dale and Greg for their “Happily Ever After”

    • Kenny on

      Thanks, Annette, this is just the first round on my site. It makes the content I had on my old site more accessible. There are some cool new things I’m going to build out. This site is also smart phone and tablet optimized.

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