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Gas! $4-a-gallon seems cheap already!


I’ve been meaning to do a post about this for 2 months, ever since President Bush was caught off guard at a news conference about the cost of gas. Astonishingly, in San Francisco, where gas is often the highest price nationally, $4-a-gallon gas is now considered a BARGAIN. Prices stalled in the $3.90+ range for several weeks before finally surging into the mid $4+ range over the past several weeks. I took the picture at left today in nearby San Mateo.

For any of us wondering about the domestic legacy of 8 years of George W. Bush, I submit this image as Exhibit A, followed by diminished national security and the erosion of personal liberties. Matters of such dramatic impact to the pocketbook are rarely forgotten or forgiven.

Thanks, George, you really did a hell of a job!

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