"Art is a kind of illness." — Giacomo Puccini

Fun Foot Fashions


Overachievers beware! This post may cause slight discomfort because it may force you to reconsider the limit of your abilities. In my case, I stepped on the limit of my ability, resulting in a march fracture. It is my first official running injury. Though it is a serious thing, deep in my heart, I know I am now officially a jock. It only took 42 years!

According to Wikipedia, a march fracture also known as fatigue fracture or stress fracture of metatarsal bone is the fracture of the distal third of one of the metatarsals occurring because of recurrent over stress. It is more common in soldiers, but also occurs in hikers, organists, and even those, like hospital doctors, whose duties entail much standing. It mostly occurs in the second metatarsal of the right foot. It is a common cause of foot pain, especially when people suddenly increase their activities. I am thrilled to learn this information, aren’t you?

So as a result of this ingenious discovery, I am now sentenced to the punishment commonly known as “the boot.” The latest apparent evolution of medieval-style devices of torture, the boot is made by a company known as Össur, which specializes in orthopedics and prosthetics. Fortunately, I do not need the latter. My boot, specifically, is known as the Equalizer Air Walker. According to Össur, “Among the many foot and ankle supports that Össur offers is the Equalizer Air Walker – a comfortable alternative to a traditional cast. The Equalizer Air Walker is a simple, adjustable walking boot that combines functionality and superior fit into a comfortable product. You can rely on Össur‘s foot and ankle products to assist in the rehabilitation of sprains, fractures and trauma injuries.” I would describe it as being more like wearing an astronaut boot in full gravity.

So I am going to just go along with this. What other choice do I have? I start a new job on Tuesday, so I will have the opportunity to really make a dramatic first impression. Fortunately, I know my new place of employment will embrace my, boot and all, and make me feel welcome. I could have had a lot worse injury. For instance, a clean break of the metatarsal would have resulted in surgery, a cast, and a long rehabilitation. I expect to be out running again in just 3 – 6 weeks. That’s not so bad.

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